Zombie Shooting Near Me Metamora, MI

Zombie Shooting in Metamora, MI

If you love paintball, you’re going to love zombie paintball shooting near me in Metamora, Michigan. Join the Massacre at Metamora Zombie Hunt and get your zombie shooting fix. Armed with only a paintball gun, you’ll need to help save the city of Metamora from the looming danger of a zombie apocalypse. These zombies are growing in number every day, and it’s up to you to help defend the city. There is no age limit on this event, so everyone can join the fight!

The only thing scarier than a zombie attack is a zombie attack at night. That’s when the zombies come out at the Massacre at Metamora Zombie Hunt. Once the sun dies out, you’ll start your zombie shooting in Metamora, MI! This event goes from sundown to either 10 p.m. or midnight, depending on the date. If you’ve got the skills and the stomach for it, we need your help to fight off these zombies before they infect the last healthy humans in Metamora, MI!

Affordable Zombie Shooting in Metamora, MI

We want everyone to be able to have the unique experience of zombie shooting in Metamora, MI, so we keep our prices affordable. For just $35, you can start with 250 paintballs – $45 if you want to start with 500. Don’t worry about running out of ammunition, we sell extra paintballs as needed before and throughout the ride. For $15 you can get an extra 250 paintballs, and for $20 you can get an extra 500. You can pay with cash or credit before the ride, but cash only for extra paintballs during the ride.

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