Haunted Zombie Metamora, MI

Haunted Zombies in Metamora, MI

Attention! We need your help to get rid of every last haunted zombie in Metamora, MI! A zombie infection has been spreading for some time now, and it’s closing in on Metamora. We’ll supply you with a paintball gun so you can go out there and help save the town! Bring your friends and family, there is no age limit on the Massacre at Metamora Zombie Hunt. Come join the fight and take down some zombies before they overrun the town!

Haunted Zombies in Metamora, MI at Night

It’s bad enough to see a haunted zombie in Metamora, MI, but a horde of haunted zombies threatening to overrun our town at night means we need all the help we can get. Come join the fight before the sun sets because that’s when the zombies start their attack. The Massacre at Metamora is open from sunset to either 10 p.m. or midnight dependent on the day. We can’t hold these zombies off by ourselves, so we need you to help us save the town from the vicious zombies that are trying to take it over!

Everyone who wants to join the fight should be able to, that’s why we’ve made this an affordable event. For a night of unique and exciting fun, you can pay just $35 and start with 250 paintballs. For $45, you’ll start with 500 instead. Plus, you can buy extra paintballs to ensure that you don’t run out during crunch time. An extra 250 paintballs cost $20, and an extra 500 costs $35. You can pay in either cash or card before the ride, but only in cash during the ride. So come down to the Massacre at Metamora Zombie Hunt because we need your help to wipe out every last haunted zombie in Metamora, MI!

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