Haunted Attraction Metamora, MI

Haunted Attraction in Metamora, MI

If you love paintball, you’re going to love our haunted attraction in Metamora, MI! The Massacre at Metamora Zombie Hunt is the perfect combination for those who love haunted houses and paintball. Get together with your friends or family and get ready to help save Metamora from a growing zombie infection! Use your paintball gun to wipe out the infected before they take over the town and wipe out humanity. There’s no age limit at the Massacre at Metamora Zombie Hunt, so the whole family can take part.

Haunted Attraction in Metamora, MI at Night

The zombies strike at night, so get ready because they’ll start their attack as soon as the sun sets. You’ll have to work together to fight off waves of zombies that threaten to overrun the town and infect the last remaining human survivors in the area. If you’ve got what it takes to fight back against these zombies and give humanity hope for survival, then we need your help right away. This is the premier experience for our haunted attraction in Metamora, MI, so don’t miss out!

Prices for Zombie Paintball – Haunted Attraction in Metamora, MI

You and your family or friends can have an unforgettable experience at our haunted attraction in Metamora, MI for cheap prices! It’s only $35 at the base level, which gets you 250 paintballs to start. You can up your starting count to $500 paintballs for $45 instead. You can also purchase extra ammunition during and before the event, at $20 for 250 more paintballs and $35 for 500 more. We take both cash and credit, but once the ride begins we accept cash only. Don’t miss this chance for a unique experience and the feeling of saving mankind from zombies!

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