Halloween Paintball Metamora, MI

Halloween Paintball in Metamora, MI

Halloween isn’t Halloween without some monsters. Sure, you can sit down with your family and friends and watch a scary movie. But you can do that anytime. But the week of Halloween is the only time you can experience a scary movie with Halloween Paintball in Metamora, MI at the Massacre of Metamora Zombie Hunt! Live The Night of the Living Dead yourself and take down as many zombies as you can to protect humanity’s last hope! Zombies are closing in on Metamora and armed with only a paintball gun, you and a group of survivors are the only ones who can wipe them out.

Looking to get your family and friends in the Halloween spirit? What better way than with Halloween Paintball in Metamora, MI! The Massacre at Metamora Zombie Hunt starts when the sun goes down, and it lasts until 10 p.m. or 12 a.m. If you’ve got what it takes to survive the night and eliminate the zombie horde, you just might be able to save humanity before it’s too late. Metamora is being overrun with zombies and we need your help to stop them!

Cheap Halloween Paintball in Metamora, MI

If you want a change of pace from the hayrides and haunted houses, try our Halloween Paintball in Metamora, MI for around the same price! For $35, we’ll start you off with 250 paintballs, and for $45 you’ll start with 500 paintballs. And don’t worry about running out, we sell extra ammo during and before the ride. You can replenish your supply with 250 more paintballs for $20, and 500 more for $35. You can pay in either cash or credit before the ride, but we only accept cash for paintball purchases during the ride.

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